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EROTIKK is an art-house rooted in jewellery design. We create limited jewellery using conflict-free silver, gold and gems.


EROTIKK creates with design, attention to detail, friendly customer service, and fair practices in mind. How you choose to adorn yourself centers on how you feel or how you want to feel; our work taps into that. It starts a conversation; it elicits a response. 

The confidence that a new piece of jewellery can spark is integral to the EROTIKK world of design. The same idea behind wearing your grandmother’s ring to feel close to her, or wearing a conversation starting Shibari piece to exude sensuality and power, to a piece gifted from your partner that reminds you how much they care; that is our foundation. Every design should arouse or awaken a response. EROTIKK isn’t selling sacred magical pieces; we are selling art that is a mirror.

We create most pieces in Bali working in person with generationally skilled artisans with 925 sterling silver, 24 or 18 karat gold or fine platinum and every person who helps produce your EROTIKK piece works in safe conditions and is compensated fairly.

Our detailed sculpture work provides an alternative to mass produced jewellery as does making our collections limited in number that are never remade. If we won’t wear it, we don’t make it. As a team, we care about creating art that expresses our highest values while giving a piece of ourselves to the world.



Thomas Beard has been in the jewellery trade for over a decade, designing for clients all over the world in all areas of luxury jewellery creation.

 He started EROTIKK from a place of pure creation within himself. The designs are fueled by emotion, and have never been seen before in the world of luxury jewellery design.



Anndrea touches everything that comes out of EROTIKK and had this to say: “We create things that express our highest values while simultaneously giving a piece of our soul. We aren’t selling sex. We are selling power, intimacy, exploration and confidence. So those descriptors we get- 'Jaw dropping. Unusual. Too much. Artistic. Surprising. Strange.' We take them all as compliments.”



Saskia is an absolute weapon. With her history working with clients like, ViacomCBS, Universal Studios, Mattel, Warner Brothers, Turner Entertainment, HBO and others - she is the force behind the very important collaboration arm of EROTIKK and has been responsible for bringing a plethora of artists into the EROTIKK family. 



Told in the words of our founder Thomas:

Our Origin Story

I was coming out of a relationship and found myself with the solid gold and VVS diamond couple pendants I had made for my then partner. Through that breakup, I connected more to my self expression in everyday life. 

I took the pendants and created something for myself, a silhouette of a woman from behind, her hands bound. You couldn’t see her face. It had some mystery. I drew a rough silhouette of what was in my mind, got it digitized in CAD and perfected it after many back-and-forth conversations with the digital drawer. I then went through the production process, using the gold I had recycled from the pendants, transmuting the breakup energy into this piece. 

The woman represented the girl I didn’t want to leave me. It puts that relatable “I don’t want this” moment that happens when people split up into physical form. The chains tightly restraining the woman are a representation of me and traditional masculine energy, not being able to understand or control the force of the feminine and the instinctual reaction to hold on tighter.

I started wearing the piece with pride, and people began commenting on it and asking where I bought it. This started the transition from my client facing jewellery work into more abstract designs I would offer to the world. With that, EROTIKK was born, the first collection, centered on this piece and accompanied by 10 other designs focused on the balance of masculine and feminine energy.


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