This collaboration turns the brilliance of rope artist Hajime Kinoko into jewellery. As we learned about this intricate art form, we shed through preconceived assumptions about rope tying and created extremely detailed Shibari jewellery. 

Together, we designed a two-piece collection focused on exploring the variation of bound intimacy, as well as the duality of Shibari. The designs represent the yin and yang, or the strength and vulnerability we all hold within ourselves so this collection offers the wearer the chance to represent aspects of who they are. 

Our intention is to lean into the cultural robustness of Shibari in the Japanese culture while strictly focusing on the purpose of each pose, knot, curve and Kinoko’s globally influential style.


Hajime Kinoko

Hajime Kinoko began rope tying because his then-girlfriend was interested in rope in 2001. His interest in the art grew when he attended a workshop held by Akechi Denki.

Kinoko spent years learning from both Nawashi Kanna and Haruki Yukimura he learned how to engage with models, and display a person’s body line in an elegant way as well as the intricately beauty of rope tying. 


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