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Zoom 18k vermeil gold plated
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Love Yours

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Chain Length [for chest piece] (bottom half will be 2" longer):

Your titties are yours, love them. Your booty is yours, love it. 

With self love being a major focus both, EROTIKK and Jade have come together to display the parts of the female figure that usually get centre stage. These pieces, show the female chest with hearts over the nipples. The breasts are different sizes and vary slightly in shape, displaying the reality of the human body. We've engraved Jade's note to you, "Love Yours" under the right collarbone. 

The bottom half of the design focuses on displaying the backside with laser engraved hearts as stretch marks. On the front of the piece we've engraved Jade's note to you, "Love Yours" on the thigh. 

The pendants are 3 dimensional so the design details can be seen from every side.  Each chain comes with our operable small handcuff lock system.

We currently only sell this piece on the rollo chain (as photographed on the booty and shown in the product video). 

Choose your chain lengths from 18"- 28". 

This collection will never be restocked.

• Pendant size - 17mm height - 19mm wide

Solid Gold Available Upon Request.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for production. 

The 'Love Yours' Collection


The limited “Love Yours” collection is focused on self awareness and love. We have developed these designs centered around curves and the beautiful details that craft the female form. Each design and is engraved in Jade's handwriting.

Jade Laurice

Zoned in on harnessing the beauty and power of female sexuality, Jade brings a very specific flair to the self love movement.

Her original sketches that we helped her bring to life for The 'Love Yours' Collection speak from a place of venerability and power.

For Jade, there is no unworthy audience: the passer-by, the people looking for inspiration, and the empowered woman are all valued equally. Her boundary pushing work nurtures contradictions of status-quo beauty — opening a conversation to let everyone feel seen. 

"I am an advocate of being and loving your authentic self, whatever that may be. As an artist I express myself through my sexuality, my body and my art. Love Yours is made for everyone so they can 'Love Yours' with pride."

Love, Laurice

@ jadelaurice


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