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The 'Crew Love' Collection

This Collection Will Never Be Restocked


The 'Crew Love' Collection

This limited in stock collection, is a wearable reminder of the power of trusting in yourself to create your own path, of locking in and committing to your goal. It’s a symbol that it’s not simply about luck, but tenacity and choosing a unit of people that vibe with the vision.

You make your own success grinding with a crew that makes the ride more enjoyable; this makes your chosen family so important - these are the ppl you trust and keep close.

This jewellery collection is about the mindset and connectivity of the homies; the push for the entire group to get better together.

Meet Maxi Millz

Since launching his music career in 2020, the West-London artist has cultivated an irrefutable excitement that has only been catalysed by the release of his debut project. “Captions” showcases Maxi’s refined sonic fusion of R&B, Hip-Hop and Funk which underwrites an intricate narration of modern love, oozing a myriad of emotions from heartache and growth to unrequited love. As he chronicles both romantic and platonic relationships, love is the common analogy that underpins the process of his songwriting. The project condenses 20 years of relationships and friendships into 8 tracks, each personifying an intimate window into Maxi’s relatable personal experience — reflecting the emotions of a generation.

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Locked In

The “Locked In” design captures the tactile essence of respect, loyalty and unity of relationships within “The Crew”. That’s the shit EROTIKK and Maxi Millz are about.

EROTIKK is a small company of friends who have become family and we push on with our fingers crossed and the knowledge that if we stay locked in, nothing can touch us.

Fingers Crossed

The “Fingers Crossed” design is a representation of trusting the process. It is jewellery that says; “If you keep working toward your goal listening to your intuition, you will hit the mark.” It is a symbol of unwavering faith in your ability blended with a touch of luck for that one “yes” that will change everything.