EROTIKK + Vince Fraser

The 'Oshun Omi' Collection

Inspired by Fraser’s ‘OSHUN OMI’ digital art piece that celebrates, amplifies and uplifts black culture while delving into spirituality, identity and ancestral history. 

Both a pendant and a ring, portray Fraser’s Afro-centric, immersive visual artwork in fine detail. Fraser combines ancestral heritage with modern sensibilities to create surrealist African masks that have their own frequencies and metaphorical wavelengths.


When buying from an artist, you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experimentation. What is bought is days, weeks & months of frustration as well as moments of pure joy. -- Unknown.


Vince's work is a piece of the heart, a part of his soul and a moment of his life.

"All thanks, because when you purchase my art, you are buying me the time I need to do the very thing I love" - Vince F.


Vince Fraser

Having worked in the creative industry as a digital illustrator for over twenty five years, the progression to Visual Arts was a natural one. Vince’s work has continued to evolve. He sees himself as a New Breed of Artist in the Digital Age, combining a variety of skills including Film and Motion. 

With a keen eye for detail he is always experimenting in a playful way whilst pushing visual boundaries. Bridging the gap between Fantasy and Reality, Vince’s mission is to inspire, educate and empower positive images of the African diaspora. 

Previous clients include Nike , Adobe and MTV just to name a few, whilst gaining the attention of various musicians including Erykah Badu , Usher and Outkast.


“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” - Vince F.

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• Ase Afro-Frequencies Immersive Exhibition with Artechouse (MIAMI)

Art Block / NOW gallery UK POP up Exhibition. Sept. 2021 (LDN)

• Work displayed in collections including: 
- ADOBE / Adobe Aero  Augmented Reality
- NEO SHIBUYA TV - museum Billboards (TOKYO)
- Times Square (NYC)
-  Brawhaus x EP7 Group Exhibition show  (PARIS)
- National Museum of Singapore (SG)


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